I’m trying to hold in mind that all actresses are victims of Harvey’s manipulation, threats and assaults. I’m finding it hard to belive that Jen Lawrence at the age she was when she encountered Harvey wasn’t subjected to the same treatment as what seems like evey other actress who came into his orbit. No should have to speak out about any assault if they don’t to art ready. I remember Jen talking about being told to pull herself together in making speeches during award campaign. Hmm HW

Lawrence says nothing like that happened. That should be good enough for anyone.

It’s to be remembered as well, that her family were a constant presence at that point in her career. But really, the fact Jennifer was already an Oscar nominee (recall that she was only permitted to read in the first place for that reason), likely marked her as ‘off limits’ for Weinstein. He didn’t have the same power over her that he had over the women who have come forward about his heinous behaviour, all of whom were young and still short of their big break. Lawrence by contrast, had already endeared herself with the Academy that first season.

You may recall as well, DOR talking about Jennifer standing up to Harvey on occasion. She made it very clear, I suspect, that she was not a ‘sensible’ target.

Still though, a couple of years earlier it might have been a different story…